A Testament to Jordy’s Impact

After Jordyn’s passing, a friend of our family reached out to us privately and had these amazing words to say about how Jordyn had touched his life:

I’ve never considered myself a good father, but I can honestly say that while witnessing your family’s struggle and courage through every stage of this tragedy, I’ve absolutely made an effort to approach my children with greater patience and understanding. And there is no way I’m even close to alone in that growth as a parent.

Through Jordyn’s story and your family’s sacrifice, my kids will have a better childhood. Virtually all of the lives she touched will have grown from this experience, which ultimately means that Jordyn’s remarkable impact on this world is the kind of impact we should all aspire to achieve in whatever lifetime God grants us, despite the short time she was given.

I’m saddened that I only got to know Jordyn through the social media posts shared since her birth, but unlike the vast majority of the thousands of people I’ve met, known, worked with that I will almost certainly never remember even encountering, I know I will never forget Jordyn and her impact on my life, my family, and my perspective.

You, Jenna, Jax, and your entire family have been in our thoughts and prayers for many months passed, and will be for years forward. I just wanted you to know you have my gratitude as well as my condolences, if that makes any sense.